A review by Jack  (Wollongong Library Youth Officer)

Batman and Robin: Batman Reborn

By Grant Morrison, drawn by Frank Quitely

Batman and Robin is the story of the new batman: Dick Grayson formerly Nightwing and the first Robin. After Batman died, Grayson attempts to take on the mantle and work with the latest Robin, Damien Wayne. This first volume shows the effect of Batman’s Batman and robinabsence from Gotham before Grayson stepped in to take over.

This comic is filled with explosive action and exciting villains, mixed in with intelligent and well-driven storytelling. The comic starts with showing us three criminals on the run from a flying Batmobile. After interrogating one of the criminals from the car, Batman  learns about new threats to Gotham and the challenges that await the new dynamic duo.

The villains within the comic are varied and provide challenges for both Batman and Robin equally. These villains are: Professor Pyg, Red Hood and Scarlet, and Flamingo, who are all equally dangerous as they are terrifying.

The writing for the comic is well done and the art style has a tone of realism to it while still remaining slightly stylised which really makes the art and overall style really stand out amongst other comics within the same genre and storylines.

Overall this comic is a must read for Batman fans and anyone who loves seeing the partnership of Batman and Robin.

I rate this comic